Friday, January 23, 2009

Resurrection AD

A trailer i made for a novel still in the making.
I used tracks from troy and 300


I found a website with tons of pretty neat blog templates, all you have to do is change the images and a few optional coding and Tada you have a new custom template.


As much as I emjoy the concent of the piece I also favor the material. It seems that the medium was guache. Most poster/cover art involving comics are done using that medium. I also favor the color theme and balance between objects from foreground to background


I found this piece very interesting because of the abstract involved. In my playwriting class another student had written a play called "Business Lamb", business Lamb being a man wearing a lamb-head over his own and his friend who wears a chicken suit. Business lamb is jelous of his friend because he stole his love interest, Kitty.


I really like this Illustrators work, the theme and genral content sometimes fantasy and sometime gothic and sometime both.