Saturday, August 20, 2011

very scary

So i watched Insidious the other day and it was by far the most "disturbing" movie i have ever seen.

They used just about every spook element used in filmmaking to make this film scary, doors, door knobs, windows, blinds, shadows, footsteps, flickering lights, belongings being moved to the attic, creaking sounds etc. And just about every place in the house was spooked except for the bathroom.

Also the spooky stuff doesnt just come out at night they also come out during the day and are right in your face.

50% of the spook in the movie is based on sound design
40% is in the imagery
10% in dialouge
Unlike most horror flicks, they normally introduce like 10 characters and by the end of the movie 9 of them dies and the sequel follows up the survivor. This film has none of that bs its no joke.

The night i watched this i could only sleep in 5min intervals by the 2nd week most of it had been moved from my long-term memory bank to a hidden folder.

I must say the last time i remember being this scared was probally when i was like 6 i had a similar demon like figure that i kept dreaming about. It was in white robes with mangled skin and its mouth was similar to a great white shark.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What happens when you die

Saturday, August 06, 2011


as you have noticed the blog is undergoing some template construction. I cant really make up my mind on a design yet.

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Final Verse

this was my final piece in basic print making that i took an painted water color on top. It came out pretty nice.

and even some more work...been scanning alot

This is a test print i did in my intaglio class

This is the secon print that gets printed on top the above print

This is another print experimenting mixing colors on the plate

This version i cut out ninjas from a piece of transparcie and rolled them onto the plate

Heres an older one i did in basic printmaking.

And some more work

More Work

this was one of the guester drawings i did in advendce fig drawing

A pixel portrait of me profile

A copy of Terry Rogers drawing, almost at the same scale.

A 1-hour pose drawing, i liquified charcoal and painted with a cloth

This was also an hour long pose with liquified charcoal

Last Life drawing project

This was the last life drawing project i did. The series was about defining myself within the universe. A journey to equilibrium.

Monday, August 01, 2011

Abstract Paintings

My pc tower has been dead for a month now and i'm still looking for a suitable replacement. In the mean time i;ve been scanning some work in for a portfolio book and for my online portfolio/blog. Here are some abstract paintings i did in my last semester at uconn.