Thursday, December 29, 2011

New TMNT comics IDW

I like the covers for the new releases but the overall comic should have been in black and white. Even though the new style is nice they did a pretty sloppy job on the coloring. But its still a good relic to collect .

Thursday, December 22, 2011


With the new year on its way I think its time to start the ReAnimation process. Heres a new design front for my portfolio webpage. As a start, my plans are going as mostly planned for establishing myself as an artist and illustrator. Forget all those tips and columns they fed you in school, success in this field is based on an individual basis. Plus theres no short-cut, I won't let myself be intimidated.

I've managed to get all my school loans under control. I am currently still working in the retail business but its nothing new, as long as I show up and do my 8-9 hrs I'm good.

My studio is almost complete, I bought a nice somewhat used metal desk for only like $2.00 to do my small drawings and illustrations. And a few trips to homedepot got me some nice pieces of lumber for a large 4x8 feet x 1 inch drawing board and 3x2 for a diesel easel all under $100.

Aside from the art auction i did back in september which brought in $150, I've been slowly bringing my graphic novel to the surface. The important thing is i keep practicing and evolving my skillz. And to keep sharp, with new material.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Dark Knight Rises

I was not expecting this trailer to be out till next year with all the hype going on. Overall i was pleased with the footage but very dissappointed with the trailer composition. Compared to Batman Begins and The Dark Knight trailers this one kinda sucks. I'm also curious to see Anne Hatteway as Catwoman, I think i would have casted someone a little older not to say she is not a good actress . That would be my only critism of Christopher Nolan's triogy. I feel that the age should be somewhat equal between the main actor & actress to establish a balanced level of gender authority.