Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Dylan head

More Gods

Prometheus turned out to be the biggest waste of time, i was hoping for a much more refined and in depth movie especially since it deals with the gods/ our creators/ engineerers. The gods in my novel have alot more depth. They're not really "gods" , more like beings whose evolution started way before our system of stars existed. Which means they've already experienced everything we've experienced and the things that we will experience.  They've developed the technology to preserve (immortality) . 


I love kung fu movies as much as like frosted flakes, whenever i get a free moment of just need to take a break from too many things i'd doodle out some epic fight techniques.

Monkey King Refined

I'be been mostly working on the upper part of monkey king but at work during break i was able the flesh out a full body in pose. Theres still some minor add-ons and jewelry that i've envisioned for this character including clothing textures and material (satin/cotton etc).

Guardian gouache WIP

 the gouache render is still in progress and its just a comp. I've been stocking up on water-color oils which will be used in the final version.