The Nebula Series

This was the last life drawing project i did. The series was about defining myself within the universe.

Domain of Truth
mixed media, 40x60
Note: An isolated space of shifting atmospheres our functions are constantly seeking the ideal definition.

Force of Equilibrium
mixed media, 40x60
Note: There is a continuous flow of positive and negative energy. The guardian, like the titan Atlas shoulders the balance.

Hall of Projectionsmixed media, 40x60
Note: In the concept of Plato’s Cave, our space is defined as a projection of shadows and bending of light. The same can be hypothesized about our own existence, in which we exist as multiple projections.

Particles of Reanimation
mixed media, 40x60
Note: Our mass consists of a composition of dust and particles animated by an electrical force.

Process of Mutation

mixed media, 40x60
Note: An irreversible stage where an organism is forced to corrupt their digital properties. Composing itself into an anomaly

State of Momentum
mixed media, 40x60
Note: The body, mind and spirt are traveling at different frequencies, like waves they become a fundamental equation.